Get access to maemo's resources in a simple way.


Develop your user interface applications using few lines of code.


Save your time and effort developing your maemo applications.


The goal of Easy is to wrap up the complexity of accessing multimedia, network and desktop services by providing a high level Python modular API. This will be done through python's bindings and an abstraction layer on top of the low level components, such as Gstreamer, D-Bus, and other libraries.

Easy also offer a framework for rapid GUI development using python and pygtk.


  • Record and reproduce audio files, and functions to help the development of audio manipulation [audio]
  • Record, play videos, take snapshots and functions to help the development of camera manipulation[camera]
  • Manipulates contacts stored in maemo [contacts]
  • Email manipulation with a SMTP server [email]
  • Functions to easily manipulate bluetooth [bluetooth]
  • Reproduce broadcasted FM radios supported by N800 radio chip [radio]
  • Creation of graphical interfaces using Eagle [UI]
  • GPS manipulation [gps]
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    Easy 0.4 - (2008-02-29)

  • Easy version for Chinook released.
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